Door Closer

Product ID : 10290


Specification & Function :

1. Applicable Door Width (mm) : 600 - 1200

2. Applicable Door Weight (kg) : Up to 60 kgs

3. Adjustable Section of Closing Speed : 180° - 20°

4. Adjustable Section of Latching Speed : 20° - 0°

5. The door  closer is suitable for installing in various doors, such as, wooden door, metal door, glass door, etc.

6. The installation modes of vertical, parallel and slide - rail type all can be chosen at will.

7. The door closer can be chosen to stop or unstop as will.

8. Continuous adjustment of closing and latching speed: the fast speed can be adjusted to within 3 seconds from 90 degree, slowness close can reach to 60 seconds or more.


Installation Notice of Door Closer with Stop Function :

1. Not to adjust the gear shaft over 180 degree, otherwise, door closer will be damaged.

2. If regulate the gear by swinging arm to 180 degree, the gear will keep stopping. And then the gear should return to original position immediately in order not to damage door closer in the next time.

3. The door closer has the automatically closing function. Better not to pull door by hand.

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